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At Stow Smash Repairs we have a proud reputation of delivering quality smash repairs. Our accredited, Australian owned business is here for you.

Expertise And Excellence At Stow Smash Repairs

You name it, we can repair it. Our highly trained technicians have many years experience in restoring any vehicle to near new condition.

All You Need
In One Place

We are committed to delivering high quality smash repair services Sydney-wide.


From the start

We are here from the event and have great staff who are trained and ready to assist you through the process.


Pristine inside and out

After undergoing all the repairs needed to restore it to a great condition, your vehicle is given an impeccable detailing.


Of the damage

We have your vehicle independently assessed and help you get the cover you need to complete the repairs.

Car To Drive

Back on the road

We have a fleet of cars ready for our customers so that you will not miss a days income because you have had an accident.


Panel and paint work

Careful dismantling, precision panel work and high quality paintwork will be carried out in our well equipped workshop.


On all our work

We are so sure of our workers and their workmanship that we offer a lifetime guarantee on all our repairs.


Smash Repairs


Smash Repairs


Smash Repairs


Smash Repairs


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Smash Repairs


Smash Repairs


Smash Repairs

From the very beginning Stow Smash Repairs were so helpful. They assisted me in lodging my claim, completed with repairs, I chose a car to drive and the work was superb. You are terrific. Thanks

Danny Kania

Stow were amazing. I literally rang for towing, they looked after me. I lodged my claim with the insurance company and they gave me a courtesy car, negotiated, repaired, detailed and delivered my car back to me. It was awesome!

Norman Andrews

I was a mess after the accident. A friend recommended Stow Smash Repairs and I am so glad. The repairs were incredible, the kindness so welcome. It was affordable and I had a courtesy car to drive around in while my car was repaired. They are great.

Mizuki Wiyahyo

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Leave the hard work to us. Stow Smash Repairs can pick up the pieces for you and restore the quality of your car.